Diary – the long road along the path to double citizenship

by Elizabethann Burke

I am British, have lived in Denmark for 40 years and feel integrated. But I cannot vote where I pay my tax! ’No taxation without representation! Why should I lose my British passport to be able to vote where I live? Don’t we have the right to live and work in other EU countries? For 39 years I have lobbied with The British European Association for representation. At last the Danish politicians have been forced to accept that Denmark must follow the rest of Europe. Only three out of all EU countries still refuse to accept double citizen­ship. The law allowing dual nationality was passed on 1st September 2015. Many Danes living abroad are expected to apply to get their Danish citizenship back and there are many others in my sit­uation who will apply for an extra passport, this one Danish. So the authorities are expecting a lot of extra work and have employed eighty more staff to cope with the rush. So I decided to apply in good time. This is how far I have got: