President's Report December 2017

(December 2017 bulletin)

Dear Members of the British European,
I will begin on a sad note as Libby Norton, who was a member for many years, died suddenly this year. Sue’s husband, Chris. Surridge, who was associated with our group and a friend of Joe's also died early this year.
This year we have achieved some of our goals after working for many, many years. We are now allowed dual citizenship which means that several of us now have both British and Danish Citizenship and can vote in Danish General Elections. However, we are still unable to vote in Britain although several groups in Britain and elsewhere are, once again, trying to get the voting system in Britain changed to some form of Proportional Representation as the present system is unfair with many lost votes. We forward some of their information to you.
This year we had our Annual Dinner in Nyboders Køkken in town. We enjoyed the meal but paying created a problem so we intend to have a new venue for the next Annual Dinner.
Earlier in the year some of us attended a KUKS meeting at Morgenkafeen for Hjemløse in town. The meeting was to come with ideas for getting more members as many societies have the same problem - it is difficult to recruit new members. The cafe does a great job helping the homeless and their food was excellent. Statsborgerskabsdagen was held in Folketinget on April 23. It was a spectacular event where several of us received our Danish Citizenship including Ruth, Elizabethann and myself. Maybe some more of our members now have dual citizenship?
Bent and myself attended a meeting at the British Embassy on April 26 about Brexit. The British Ambassador, Dominic Schroeder, talked about Brexit and tried to answer questions from people who were worried. Unfortunately he found most of the questions impossible to answer and still, today, we do not know what the future holds. There is a web site about Brexit.
Some of us attended a meeting held by ESU in Hellerup on Tuesday, May 23. Theatre Historian Elizabeth Frey Harne held a very interesting talk about the English Theatre at the time of the Restoration in 1660.
KUKS held their AGM in May in By og Havns headquarters at Nordre Toldbod. There were many different national groups present.
Our summer outing this year was a bit different. It was on July 9. Siobhan Boll, who is not a member but always comes on our summer outings, offered to hold the picnic where she lives. The weather forecast was not good, and she had recently moved to Skodsborg to a flat overlooking the sea. So, naturally, we accepted her kind invitation. We met at Skodsborg Station, some of us went for a short walk, then we held our picnic at Siobhan's place. The weather was kinder than expected, and we were able to sit outside.
KUKS held their International Gala Festival of National Fare in Copenhagen's Town Hall on Friday, October 27. There was fantastic food from many different countries but we were not impressed by the British stand. Their scones didn't taste like the scones several of us know. However the steak and kidney pie was much better. The Scottish pipers were great and the jazz band fantastic. We also met a lot of old friends and acquaintances.
So, what does the future hold for the British European? We need to have a discussion about this and Brexit.
Thank you all for coming here today.

Valerie Kristiansen, President.