Newspapers from around the world - A Library Service

Use the website of your local public library to gain access to newspapers from abroad. Danish newspapers are not accessible.

This service is provided by PressDisplay and brings to your computer screen the words, pictures, crosswords, cartoons, etc. as they appear in the printed editions.

Go to the website of your local library and search for "PressDisplay", without the quotes. This should lead, directly or indirectly, to a login page such as the example shown below for Rudersdal Kommune.

The example for Rudersdal kommune

Enter the required details and click on Login.

When the display comes up, you can choose (from a list on the left) which country's newspapers you wish to read. This will bring up a new display of recognisable front pages.

Click on any one of these to enlarge it. You can then (depending on the newspaper in question) zoom in or out, turn pages, print articles, and (if your computer has a sound card) even listen to an article being read out aloud.