New rules for UK passports

by Elizabethann Burke
Free Passport Renewal For Oldies

If you are a British citizen born before 2nd September 1929 you are entitled to a free ten-year passport. This perk was introduced by Home Sec. David Blunket in 2004 as a reward for everyone who was over 15 at the end of the war.

You apply in the normal way, but just omit to send any payment with your renewal application. If you have been charged for one since 19th May 2004 you are entitled to a refund.

New Address For Passport Renewal

It seems just a moment ago I wrote to inform that the office for renewal of British passports had moved to Düsseldorf, Germany.

Well, that has now changed – this time it is Liverpool, England! Renewal costs £148, and you should allow four weeks for processing.

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